We build amazing Products

We're on a mission to simplify cloud computing.


We are so proud of our values and use them daily in business decisions.

Work from anywhere

Many of us are able to work from home, a cafe, or a park whenever we want. Yay freedom!


Work and travel

You can work and travel around the world for up to three months every year! But we expect postcards.


Flexible hours

Need to work around school drop-offs and pick-ups? Just not a morning person? No worries.


Wellness program

Free yoga and meditation, kindles with your favorite books and more to feed your body and soul.

Open Roles

SixtyHost is a fast growing company and we’re expanding
both our Melbourne office and our remote team.

Full Stack Engineer

Abuja, Nigeria

Product Analyst

Abuja, Nigeria

Site Reliability Engineer

Abuja, Nigeria

SMM Analyst

Abuja, Nigeria

Senior Ruby Developer

Abuja, Nigeria

Fraud & Risk Manager

Abuja, Nigeria

Our values

SixtyHost is a values-driven organization. Here is what we believe in:

Start by defining the problem. Have the courage to approach a problem from a different perspective. Plan ahead, but act decisively. Consider that the simplest approach is often the best.

Acting with respect can mean anything from acknowledging a colleague’s hard work to embracing diversity. It means valuing the opinions of your coworkers as much as it means ensuring that remotes can fully participate.

Foster an environment in which people are encouraged to share their ideas, feelings and opinions. Make your needs known, and make it easy for others to do so. Listen as you would want to be listened to.

Foster a culture of transparency. Trust that everyone is here because they want to be, and that we share the same goals. Trust each other to do what we say. Trust when we can’t we’ll let each other know. Trust that it’s ok to make mistakes. Show each other that these things are true, with how we treat each other.

Our customers don’t just use SixtyHost, they love it. That’s because, at every level, we put love into our work. Love brings us together and makes us stand out from the pack. Love means doing the little extra things—the things that you don’t have to do—that makes all the difference.

Together, Online.

We're here to help your small business or remote work team.


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